Parfive is a small library for downloading files, its objective is to provide a simple API for queuing files for download and then providing excellent feedback to the user about the in progress downloads. It also aims to provide a clear interface for inspecting any failed downloads.

The parfive package was motivated by the needs of SunPy’s net submodule, but should be generally applicable to anyone who wants a user friendly way of downloading multiple files in parallel.

Parfive supports downloading files over either HTTP or FTP using aiohttp and aioftp aioftp is an optional dependency, which does not need to be installed to download files over HTTP.


parfive can be installed via pip:

pip install parfive

or with FTP support:

pip install parfive[ftp]

or with conda from conda-forge:

conda install -c conda-forge parfive

or from GitHub.


parfive works by creating a downloader object, queuing downloads with it and then running the download. parfive has a synchronous API, but uses asyncio to parallelise downloading the files.

A simple example is:

from parfive import Downloader

dl = Downloader()

dl.enqueue_file("", path="./")

files =


Downloader([max_conn, progress, …]) Download files in parallel.
Results(*args[, errors]) The results of a download from

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of parfive.downloader.Downloader, parfive.results.Results